A great DevOps engineer works hard to understand individuals’ preferences for working styles and communication, as well as the culture that runs through the organisation. They then build a strategy that focuses on simplifying the operating environment and brings everyone along on the journey in order to facilitate the cultural shift and achieve the buy-in required for the change to stick. When you’re creating software that focuses on customer-centric improvements, the customers do notice.

  • You can iterate on the development of standards and policies, working with delivery teams to ensure that these policies are producing the required outcome and continue to be attainable, applicable and fit for purpose.
  • You can perform integration tests as part of the development process, drawing on suitable testing frameworks and methodologies.
  • Do you have a thirst for knowledge and the desire to make a lasting impact in your role?

Share your goals with others to create purpose and talk about your experiences to encourage learning within the organisation. Create a culture of collaboration and ownership within the organisation. In many organisations, Development and Operations have misaligned objectives. Dev is often measured by the number of new features released, whereas Ops is measured by 100% uptime. DevOps really is one of the fastest growing careers in the IT landscape right now.

Three Phase Program:

You can work with business and technology stakeholders to translate business problems into technical designs. You can visualise the ideal user service and come up with design ideas and possible design approaches. You can effectively explore different approaches to solving problems. You can apply technical knowledge and experience to create or design workable prototypes, both programs and physical outputs. I always strive to deliver a high standard of customer service, which forms the basis of all of my interactions with customers, both old and new. I have years of experience in the IT sector and my skills include project planning, issue resolution and optimising web performance.

how to be a devops engineer

In the US, however, the average salary ranges between $120,000 and $160,000 (£92,000 to £122,000), “or sometimes higher,” according to Ryan Sutton, district president at staffing and recruiting firm Robert Half Technology. how to become a devops engineer CloudWatch and AWS Config are essential monitoring services for AWS DevOps Engineers to have under their belt. With this, you must also continually update your knowledge on DevOps to hire the best engineers possible.

Querying SQL Databases Training Courses

For large companies who have large-scale and multi-cloud deployments, knowledge of continuous delivery tools like Spinnaker would prove as a strong advantage. Technical skills and knowledge in leading cloud platforms such as AWS , Azure, and Google Cloud can indicate that a DevOps engineer is fully equipped in terms of infrastructure automation. When hiring DevOps engineers, understanding of infrastructure is a must-have skill to look for as it enables DevOps engineers to effectively design and deploy applications using the best platform possible. Now that you have understood what a DevOps engineer can do to help your team and your business, here are must-have technical skills to look for when hiring DevOps engineers. Before, these two teams had different goals, practices, and standards which only resulted in long hours of work, inefficient workflow, and unsatisfactory products or results. With DevOps, these two separated teams are unified to efficiently work together to increase mutual trust, release software faster, solve critical issues quicker, and improve work management.

Companies must focus on building a collaborative culture with shared objectives. This also includes hiring or promoting employees to become DevOps champions within the business. In a busy and sometimes chaotic environment, a DevOps Engineer has to make decisions quickly, whilst keeping in mind the bigger goals. It is an extremely desirable soft skills, which employers are looking for when it comes to hiring DevOps Engineers. Besides from hard, technical skills – a DevOps Engineer should also have the ability to collaborate, multi-task and always put the customer at the forefront of everything you do.

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“You need to be constantly reading tech articles, constantly looking at releases and updates for the likes of AWS. You really need to be kept up to date with what’s going on, because there are new tools coming out every day. If you don’t know about them, you’re not going to use them and you’re not going to deliver the best DevOps process for your company,” Quinn explains.

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